Our new Preps begin their school experience with the Prep Transition Program. This is conducted during November. They have four visits and experience many of the school programs.

In February Prep students attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. On Wednesdays during February, the Prep students do not attend school. Each child is allocated a one hour interview time on one of the Wednesdays where they will participate in a range of Literacy and Numeracy activities with their class teacher. Parents are welcome to wait or pop back within the hour.

The main focus in Term 1 is on helping the children become familiar with the school routine, fostering friendships, developing good work habits and enjoying school life.

The Prep program consists of a structured 2 hour Literacy block and 1 hour Numeracy block every day. It also includes Art, Library, Physical Education, STEM, ICT and Inquiry Studies lessons.

Our Literacy Program focuses on developing early reading, writing and speaking and listening strategies. Our Numeracy Program is experience based and covers the areas of Number, Measurement, Chance and Data, Space and Working Mathematically.
Throughout the year students cover the following topics in Inquiry:

  • How are me and my family special?
  • What is healthy food?
  • What are our senses?
  • Where do I live?

Special events and learning experiences throughout the year:

  • Family Picnic Day
  • Teddy Bear Breakfast
  • Buddies Program
  • 100 days of school

At Montpellier Primary School, for many years we have successfully adopted the ‘Buddies’ program which involves the Grade 5 students being paired up with Prep students. The program is designed to support the Prep students with their transition into primary school as well as encouraging the Grade 5 students to develop their leadership skills.

At the beginning of the year the Buddies meet every recess and lunch to make sure that the Prep students feel safe and secure in the playground environment. After first term, the Buddies meet for an hour each alternating week to complete fun activities such as developmental play, outside games and craft activities.

Benefits of the buddy program include:

  • Prep students having someone familiar to go to if they are worried in the playground.
  • Prep and Grade 5 students develop new and positive relationships.
  • Grade 5 students taking on and developing responsibility.
  • Grade 5 students learning how to be a positive role models and mentors for other students.