School Rules

At Montpellier Primary School, the students, parents and staff are working together to make our school environment a fun, happy and safe place to learn.


SAFETY– Play with others and equipment safely.
RELATIONSHIPS- Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
ENVIRONMENT– Care for our environment.
PLAY AREAS– Play and eat in the correct areas.
UNIFORM– Wear the correct Montpellier Uniform.



  • Follow directions of the duty teacher.
  • Play appropriate games.
  • See a teacher if you feel unsafe.
  • Keep hands & feet to yourself.
  • Leave sticks and stones alone.
  • Walk when you are near a building (especially around corners).
  • Tackling is not permitted with football – kick to kick only.
  • Play games that are not dangerous (no piggybacks or ‘play fighting’).

Play Areas & Equipment

  • Share equipment and space.
  • Use playground equipment in a sensible and safe manner:
    • The playgrounds are not open before school.
    • Play only on your Grade level playground.
    • No flips, skipping bars, or walking/sitting on top of the monkey bars.
    • Chasing games are not to be played near or on play equipment.
    • Go down slides in a sitting position with feet forward.
    • Be mindful of other people playing on the equipment.
  • Soccer, football and cricket are only to be played on the oval.
  • Digging is only permitted in the sandpit (not the long jump pit).

For all incidents mentioned above, 1st infringement WARNING, 2nd infringement WALKING WITH TEACHER.

Play Areas Expectations:

  • Playing in the toilets is NOT permitted.
  • Environment shed and gym storeroom only to be visited with a teacher.
  • Stay within boundaries and away from the following areas:
    • Front of the school.
    • Behind Multi-Purpose Room.
    • The back of the oval and gym (road side of the running track).
    • Gardens.
    • Inside the school buildings (before school, recess and lunch breaks).
    • Only visit canteen/ gym foyer when buying food items.

Relationship Expectations:

  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  • Use kind remarks only.
  • Swearing is not permitted.
  • Include others in play - if someone is lonely ask them to play.
  • Respect, care and cooperate with others students, teachers and parent helpers.
  • Say no to bullying – tell a teacher.

For all incidents mentioned above, 1st infringement WARNING, 2nd infringement WALKING WITH TEACHER.

Uniform Expectations:

  • Wear the correct Montpellier Uniform.
  • Be Sun Smart – Hats must be worn in Terms 1 & 4 (and encouraged in Terms 2 & 3).
  • Nail polish, make up, glitter/sparkles are not permitted.
  • No jewellery to be worn EXCEPT watches, sleepers/studs (boys & girls).
  • Coloured message bands are not permitted.
  • Leggings are NOT permitted under summer dresses or skorts.
  • Coloured hair gel and coloured streaks in hair are NOT permitted and hair gel needs to be kept to a minimum (except on special days).
  • Hair accessories are to be kept to a minimum and should be green and/ or white.
  • Socks or tights must be white or black.
  • Visible temporary tattoos are not permitted.
  • Hair should be neat and tidy and long hair (shoulder length or longer) is to be tied up (boys and girls) in a style appropriate for school.
  • Wide brimmed school hats are to be worn outside in Terms 1 & 4.
  • Only school approved/ supplied sunglasses may be worn at school.
  • Students are expected to wear sporting house colour tops or Montpellier polo tops and windcheaters to sporting events.
  • Protective clothing to be worn during Art sessions e.g. art smock.
  • All school uniform items should be clearly named.
  • Students should be responsible for their own clothing.

Please note: for ALL uniform offences children will be warned and for a second offence parents/carers will be notified.

Environment Expectations:

  • Enjoy and be proud of our yard.
  • Care for our gardens and trees – do not play in garden beds.
  • Place litter in bins.
  • Eat in the designated eating areas.
  • Saving water is encouraged.

For all incidents mentioned above, 1st infringement WARNING, 2nd infringement WALKING WITH TEACHER.