Covid-19 Information and Return to School Updates


Following the announcement by the Premier, we are incredibly excited to announce that we will be welcoming all students, Prep to Grade 6, back to face to face learning on Monday 5th October. 
Next term we will be working hard to re-engage our students and re-establish our school routines, along with preparing our students for successful transitions into 2021.
We have found that during the latest period of remote and flexible learning, some students have faced barriers to their learning, while many others have engaged deeply and continued to grow and excel. What will matter most in Term 4 is to provide continuity in learning and support for each and every child to the fullest extent possible.
This will mean focussing our efforts on a set of common and core priorities.  This will make sure that every child in our care is supported in their wellbeing, learning and transition needs.
The following priorities will guide our school operations during Term 4:

  1. Wellbeing and Equity. This means encouraging and sustaining motivation for learning, re-engaging our students and families and supporting the social and emotional learning of our students alongside our curriculum based learning.
  2. Learning and Excellence.  It will be critical for us to ensure those students who may have fallen behind to catch up, and to support those who have progressed to extend and stretch their learning.  Literacy and numeracy across the curriculum will remain our focus.  We will adapt our teaching and learning program to continue to extend and stretch the learning of every child. 
  3. Term 4 is always a critical term, particularly for those moving from kindergarten to Prep and from Grade 6 to Year 7.  Students in all other year levels will also prepare for a change of teachers and new classmates in 2021.

A key focus will be to make every effort to ensure each of these end of year and beginning of year transitions occur as successfully as possible.
Children, other than those enrolled in before school care are not to enter the school grounds before 8:30am at their designated entry point.
Temperature checks occur for all children who enter the before school care program.
Temperature checks will be undertaken each morning using contactless thermometers for each child on entry to the school from 8:30am when staff will commence duty at the school gates. 

  • Any child who has a temperature of 37.5 deg. or greater will be asked to remove their jumper, hat, scarf etc.
  • They will have their temperature re tested in 5 minute intervals.
  • If after 15 minutes the temperature has not dropped below 37.5 deg. they will be required to be collected and return home.

Parents are not to enter the school grounds or buildings, unless by prior arrangement with the office.  Parents must enter via the front entrance in Lambhill Crescent.
Staff members will be on duty from 8:30am until 9:00am in the morning.  Children who arrive late are to report to the front entrance on Lambhill Crescent.  Parents are to call the office for the doors to be unlocked.
Dismissal will be at 3:30pm and staff will be on duty at each gate until 3:45pm.  Children who have not been collected will be returned to the office and families call and to collect them from there. We do not wish for children to be left unattended at the end of the day.
To try and minimise the congregating of children and parents the children will only enter and leave via their designated entrance as below.

  • Surnames that begin with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F will enter and leave the driveway to the basketball courts.
  • Surnames that begin with the letters U, V, W, X, Y, Z will enter and leave via the Main entrance to the school office.
  • Surnames that begin with the letters G, H, I, J, K will enter and leave via the gateway near the bus stop in Mt Pleasant Rd.
  • Surnames that begin with the letters L, M, N, O will enter and leave via the new gateway at the end of the gym and near the oval.
  • Surnames that begin with the letters P, Q, R, S, T will enter and leave via the Gateway near the school crossing.

Parents are NOT to congregate around these entry and exit points, but stay back to allow for dispersal of students.

  • Ongoing and regular cleaningwill occur throughout the day, along with regular cleaning of and sanitising of hands in each classroom.


  • Children displaying flu like symptoms are to remain at home.  Any child who becomes unwell during the day will come to the first aid room and parents will be contacted to collect them.

Once again we would like to thank all families for your wonderful ongoing support of our staff and the work they are doing to keep your children engaged in their learning programs during remote and flexible learning. 

If you would like health information from the Department of Health and Human Services, you can visit  

For Covid-19 information from the Department of Education and Training for school parents, you can visit the website HERE